Here is your assignment.  I want you to look at what’s been posted on your Facebook profile over the last month.  What were your status messages?  What pictures did you post or did other tag you in?  Now, think of it in the context of a divorce.

If you have an account with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or if you use any other form of social networking your life is an open book.  If you are considering a divorce or in the process of divorce, this can definitely hurt you.  Remember that everything you post is discoverable in court.  In other words, your ex can and will use your words against you.

Trying to win custody of your child?  You’d better take those pictures of yourself doing a keg stand off the internet.  Trying to show you don’t have money to pay child support?  Take down the pictures of your shiny new truck.

Let’s take it a step further.  Who do you know who might be posting information about you?  What do you think your ex is saying about you.  This is all information that you need to know and share with your attorney.

Here is a great piece from Time magazine on the subject

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